ICSE Java Booster Course

ICSE Java Booster Course

ICSE Java Booster Course

ICSE Java Course Description–

ICSE Java Booster Course – Welcome to Computer Applications with BlueJ. In this course, I will teach you Computer Applications as per the syllabus prescribed by Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) for class 10.

You have made a great decision by opting for Computer Applications as one of the subjects for your ICSE board examination. “Software is eating the world”, Marc Andreessen (co-founder of Netscape and one of the most successful VC in the silicon valley) made this very important quote in his famous August 2011 essay. Today, programming and software have disrupted all the industries. Every major company is re-imaging itself by using the software at the core of its offerings. What this means is once you graduate and get ready to take up a job, irrespective of the field you chose to work in, a fundamental understanding of computers, software and programming will become a basic job requirement. By opting for Computer Applications you have taken a step in the right direction.

This course will start at the basics of Object-Oriented programming. I will explain programming paradigms, OOPs concepts, classes & objects with many real-world examples. This will help you understand how computer programs model the real world in their problem domain. Thereafter, you will learn the fundamentals of the Java language. Together, we will write several programs in the BlueJ environment and strengthen our understanding of the fundamentals. We will then move to learn about Library classes including Input/Output in Java. By the end of the course, you will have a great understanding of Object-Oriented programming using Java. Not only will you be able to write your ICSE Computer Applications board examination with confidence and achieve excellent grades, but you also would have developed a skill that will help you throughout your career ahead. –

Some Important FAQs About ICSE Java Booster Course

1. Can I download the videos after enrolling in this course?

Sorry to say, but downloading features are not enabled right now. We will update you on email once we will enable it. This step is taken to avoid sharing the course content in its initial phase.

2. How many times can one watch the course videos?

We don’t have any limitations and timings for this. One can watch it anytime using mobile, tablet, and laptop according to their own timings and schedules.

3. Will I get a certificate after the completion of this course?

Yes, after successfully completing this course. We will provide you with your course completion certificate. This will help you work in SEO filed and to grab an SEO manager job.

4. How much time will it take to complete this course?

Well, we have 50+ lectures in Advanced SEO Mastery Course, So, it’s totally up to you how much will you take to complete this? We just wanted to say “Not just focus on completing it”, You should also focus on practicing the knowledge you will gain in each lesson.

5. Are we providing any coupon code for this course?

Yes, we do have a coupon code for you. You can easily save up to 33%. Use coupon “GET33”.

7. What if I forget the password of my account?

You can reset it from the profile section or just contact us, we will do this work for you.

8. Do we get our serious problems solved on-call or remote by “OK Ravi”?

Yes, you can call “Ok Ravi” for your serious issues. If needed, he will help you on remote also with no extra cost.

Let’s check the complete curriculum and enjoy learning with us.


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Price ₹4,200
Instructor Shubham Tripathi
Duration 40 hours
Lectures 43
Enrolled 97 students
Language Hindi
Deadline 3 Months