Java Program to Elaborate Boolean

Now, In this Java Program to Elaborate Boolean, you should have the knowledge of following topics:

1.Input & Output
2.Variables and Data Types


class Bool{
	public static void main(String args[]){
		boolean b;

Java Program to Elaborate Boolean
In Java, the boolean data type is a primitive data type, which means it comes packaged with the programming language. A Boolean data type can only have a value of either true of false. Note that these are keywords that are reserved by the programming language: they cannot be used for variable, function, class, or object names!

So In this program whatever gets evaluated will be return as either True or False….

Most Importantly as mentioned above Java uses all the mathematics operation therefore by Changing (+) operator, we can subtract (-), multiply (*), divide (/), floor divide (//) or find the remainder (%) of two numbers.

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Java Program to Elaborate Boolean

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